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Yoga challenges me everyday. It shows me how to be grateful for my mind and my body. There are so many things to learn about the body, the soul and how to be in a good state of mind. Yoga does not represent or promote any particular religion; it’s more like a system that aims to help people to achieve their full potential. We learn how to open our bodies and find inner peace by doing that.

Namaste Yogis & Yoginis – About me

At first Yoga was for me (and I think it was for many people when the started Yoga) a good workout. I started 2013 Bikram Yoga to lose weight and to exercise. I had great fun practicing it and the feeling after a yoga class was great. So I started watching different Yoga videos at home, but I never really understood the purpose of yoga. That’s why I did it on and off but always just very lazy. In my head it was like that: „Okay I’m doing this for one hour and than it’s finished“. I never understood the concept of breathing. Since 2 years now I’m practicing Yoga daily and this has really chanced my LIFE. I met my teacher Kerstin she said you have try Ashtanga Yoga, I’m sure you will like it. Then I went to Thailand did a 14 day’s Ashtanga Yoga Retreat there and I enjoyed it so much and from this day on it was sure: I can’t live without it. One year later I did my 200 hours Yoga teacher training with the focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa in Bali. This was such an incredible experience, I fell in LOVE with teaching yoga. Now I can share this feeling with others and inspire them. Sharing this with other people for me is the best feeling in the world.

My Practice


Is the regulation of the breath. Through the practice of breath observation, control and extension, one frees the conditioned mind from it’s restless scanning and analysis by focusing one’s attention on the breath.


We learn how to be with yourself without any judgment. Sounds easy right? Through practicing we are becoming more aware of every emotion of every feeling that is rising and we try to understand it but not overthinking it.


Is our mind a monkey mind? Do you allow your monkey to jump around and be wild or angry or attached to many things? Or are you relaxed and in balance?


The physical Practice in Yoga is called Asana, the physical postures. Through the practice of the physical stretches, opening the body and our blocks, so we can open up the energy.

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